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Tailwind + Browsersync Sandbox

If you are tired of changing a Tailwind class, doing alt + tab, and reloading the whole app to see the change your made, check out my Tailwind + Browsersync project template.

Treat this as your local sandbox to quickly build React or Turbo Frame (if using Hotwire) component UI with Tailwind. The browser reloads automatically after you make a change and save. Just like Tailwind playground.

Once you're satisfied with a design, copy + paste it in your main project. I found this workflow very productive, compared to making a small change, and reloading my big rails app. Hope you do, too.

Tailwind + Browsersync

What about Tailwind playground? it is great, but I do like to work in my favorite IDE with my favorite fonts and themes.


git clone your_project_name
cd your_project_name
yarn # or npm install
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Run these commands in separate terminal tabs.

yarn tailwind
yarn server
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If you're using npm, run these commands instead. However, I prefer and recommend using yarn, it's very fast compared to npm.

npm run tailwind
npm run server
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Here's a quick demo using the above set up, where I build Github's navbar.

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