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Best WordPress plugin to create estimation forms

Looking for the best WordPress plugin to create estimation forms? Check out Zigaform WordPress Calculator & Cost Estimation Form Builder! This all-in-one plugin requires no coding knowledge and lets you create various types of estimation forms effortlessly.

With Zigaform, you can build quote forms, finance calculators, booking forms, fitness calculators, and more. The plugin is available on CodeCanyon , but you can test demo examples it to experience the latest version's user-friendly features.

Zigaform Calculator Lite is a free forever version that offers unlimited form creation, spam protection, email notifications, and easy customization for beginners. However, the paid version unlocks advanced features like the intuitive form editor, real-time visual editing, cost estimation, offline payment gateway, PayPal integration, invoicing, and more.

The form editor allows you to choose from 42+ form elements, customize fonts, colors, and styles, and create multi-step forms. It also supports conditional logic, AJAX submission, and seamless integration with third-party plugins. Zigaform is fast, responsive, and includes add-ons like reCAPTCHA, WooCommerce integration, and WebHook & Zapier integration for enhanced functionality.

Watch our quick tutorial on creating estimation forms with Zigaform Premium version and explore the extensive documentation for step-by-step guidance. Join the community of users who have switched to Zigaform for its user-friendly interface, rich features, and excellent support. Try Zigaform today and elevate your form building experience!

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