5 part Docker series, beginner to master

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  • Sign up for a free Azure account To use containers in the Cloud like a private registry you will need a free Azure account
  • Docker part I - basics This part covers what Docker is and why I think you should use it. It brings up concepts such as images and containers and takes you through building and running your first container
  • Docker part II - volumes this is about Volumes and how we can use volumes to persist data but also how we can turn our development environment into a Volume and make our development experience considerably better
  • Docker part III - databases, linking and networks this is about how to deal with Databases, putting them into containers and how to make containers talk to other containers using legacy linking but also the new standard through networks
  • Docker part IV - introducing Docker Compose this is how we manage more than one service using Docker Compose ( this is 1/2 part on Docker Compose)
  • Docker part V- going deeper with Docker Compose this part is the second and concluding part on Docker Compose where we cover Volumes, Environment Variables and working with Databases and Networks

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working on that one :)


just seeing this today i feel i have found what i've been looking for for some days.

was about to start a side project and wanted everything containerized and deployed to azure or aws and this seems to have all the pointers i need to know how to go about my side project.

i'll keep coming back here when i run into any road blocks. i hope you'll be available to help out.

thank you chris.... big thank you!


hi Vincent.. Glad to hear it. Happy to help :)


Part 2 of this series mentions that, dev.to/azure/series-build-a-server... as well as this article, dev.to/azure/all-your-containers-a...


Hello Chris, I've found "an issue" with the post series, if you change the name of them posts so they follow the same structure "Learn Docker from the beginning - Part X, That this and that" they'll show properly in the "Index" when you browse through the posts.

Screenshot with orange arrows showing up the buggers on the posts' titles


hi Jose. I did rename them pere your suggestion. Doesn't help I'm afraid. I think the order is decided based on when the series tag was added to each post


Hi @softchris , congratulations and thank you so much for this. I'm from brazil and i would like translate your series to portuguese, can i?


hi Fanny, yes sure. Please mention That I'm the original author though and point them to twitter.com/chris_noring Thanks :)


Of course, great!

Hi @softchris , i'm finished the translation, and here it is: fanny.github.io/blog/2019/dockeriz...

I could not reach you on twitter.

thank you for that.. amazing :)


This is really very helpful, Chris. Thanks for writing!!


Happy to hear that :)


Hi Chris πŸ˜„, How to Disable the pipeline in Azure Devops ? Can you answer ? Below is my question:



hi Shaijut. I answered and so did some others. Hope you are helped :)


your medium article brought me here.


hmm ok :) so the 5 part series is available on both Medium and dev.to. I obviously link something wrong somewhere.. anyways, welcome to dev.to :)


Great one! Everything worked just fine...


V. Interested in this. Thanks for writing.