Discussion on: PHP sucks, can it suck less?

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Mike Smith

You said "You can literally do anything you can think of with it." That is so wrong it is simply disproven and so shocking that only a PHP fan would write that.

Actually, AI is not on the list of intractable problems, if it were there would not be billions of dollars being dumped into it.

A basic and simple intractable problem is the Halting Problem, even a PHP fan might be able to understand that one.

That stat is flat-out wrong. Those stats will count a server that might have mod-php installed even if PHP is not running anything on it. Even if your laughable stats were correct, it would not prove anything other than there are a lot of morons out there, thankfully your stats are wrong.

I bet you consider Facebook to be a "PHP site" when all it is used for is template generation, none of the heavy work is done with it. Languages professionally designed(PHP is not designed in any manner whatsoever) languages is what runs the important backend stuff.

Using PHP has cost FB tens of millions of dollars and set them back years, that is probably a good thing since they are such a danger to the world.

PHP doesn't run anything important on the web. Not one thing.

PHP is dog crap, there is no technical merit, not even its fanboys can name anything technical that is good about.

Too bad PHP development can not even imitate intelligence.

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Adam Crockett

This whole thread is crazzy 🤣.