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re: Better error handling with async/await VIEW POST

re: Complaining about syntax error is just really showing how little you want to take in what people say. The solution is what you do, but less complic...

Sorry if my response came off that way. We have lots of beginners that might copy your example and not know why it's not working, that was why I pointed out the syntax error(It was unnecessary).

I didn't steal my post from that guy.

I got my handle function solution from a youtuber, which I linked to his article at the end of my post. I also linked an npm package "await-to" that did similar implementation.
If you want to accuse me of stealing, you should at least be correct with the origin of my solution.

Original source of my solution

Also I've been writing JavaScript for 8years, I don't need to steal a post to write about Promises/asynchronous JavaScript.

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