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Proxy for Instagram: What is It and How to Get It?

Instagram as one of the internet’s biggest traffic sources is the most popular and favorite social media platform. Here you can present your products, find new loyal followers, and build a solid online presence. No wonder retailers and brands consider Instagram as a perfect opportunity to raise their profits.

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What is a Proxy for Instagram?

A proxy server is a remote device that changes your IP address. Being connected to a proxy you reroute traffic coming from multiple devices to this proxy. The destination server — a website or a social media platform — sees only a proxy’s IP you are connected to, whilst your true IP address is hidden. Hence you avoid getting blocked and going around antibot policies and anti-spam detection systems.

An Instagram proxy has the same purposes. It hides your location, secures your private data, and grants access to the target server bypassing its restrictions. The true value of an Instagram proxy is concealed in its name. It is optimized to be used only to work specifically on the social media platform.

What Proxy for Instagram Can Be Used for?

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There are several reasons to use a proxy for Instagram, but first and foremost a proxy ensures social media accounts safety and longevity.

NB: Each Instagram account needs its own residential proxy. Otherwise, when using more than one account from the same proxy, Instagram algorithms will consider these actions as spam. If you’re using mobile proxies, you can use 5-10 accounts per proxy.

So what are the benefits of using Instagram proxies?

Instagram unblocking
Instagram proxies solve the issue of GEO blocking. If a country or a city blocks your access to the social media platform, a proxy is a solution. VPN can help you here as well yet still, there is a difference between a VPN and a proxy, for example, a proxy is invaluable when collecting data of any scale.

By using Instagram proxies to bypass geo-restrictions you can target the audience on a global scale and hit a particular geo-location when needed making a more favorable business offer.

Instagram scraping
With more than 1,3 million active users per month, IG is a high-profile source of valuable information. You can scrape Instagram hashtags, photos, and profiles to build up effective marketing strategies.

Multiple Instagram account management
If your business needs multiple accounts, Instagram proxies will let them grow by gaining followers’ likes and leaving a thousand comments (marketing automation tools will help you to achieve it).
You can engage an audience on a much larger scale, target it from different locations, and send automated texts, ads, and promotional content from hundreds of accounts at once, thus speeding up the marketing process and bypassing strict Instagram policies. Thus deploying a proxy in AdsPower would lead to secured and successful multi-accounting from a single IP.

Building up followers
The growing number of followers is the result of successful social media account management. By building up a brand audience you grow followers base countable in hundreds of thousands.

Which Type of Proxy Works Best for Instagram?

The Instagram algorithms are designed to stop curious brands from harvesting valuable data about their customers. To get around the Instagram restrictions brands use proxy services to mask their true location and identity. There are several types of proxies to scrape Instagram, the problem is choosing the right type that is worth the money spent.

Datacenter (dedicated) proxies
Are hardly being used to working on Instagram these days, because they are not attached to real devices and are not assigned by an ISP, thus Instagram algorithms will ban you and the whole IP range. The only reason to work with data center proxies on Instagram is for scraping, but they are not good neither for Instagram account management nor for Instagram account growth.

Residential proxies
Are real devices with their IPs coming from ISP. Residential proxies both rotating and static ones are suited to work on Instagram. Rotating proxies are better for Instagram account creation whereas static IPs work well for account management.

Mobile proxies
Are the most trustable ones. They belong to real mobile devices and are rarely getting blocked. Mobile proxies, however, are expensive and if you are running hundreds of Instagram accounts it will cost a bundle.

How to Get a Proxy for Instagram Bots?

Proxies for IG are the residential proxies that are optimized to work with the social media platform. When you need to scrape IG or manage multiple IG accounts purchase a suitable proxy plan and put the purchased proxies into a bot. It will do the rest.

What are The Best Instagram Proxy Providers?

Mobile and residential proxies with sticky sessions for mass IG accounts:

Rotating residential IPs for multi-accounting.
Large rotating residential proxy pool, 195+ countries, no subnets, an easy setup process. The IPs are from both desktop and mobile devices. Different tools for IG automation and affordable price plans ($75/5 GB ($15/GB). However the residential IPs are still P2P, so you have sticky sessions up to 30 min and then proxies rotate.

Mobile and static residential proxies with multiple features.
The largest proxy provider. Country and city targeting, ASN, and carrier targeting. The best for account creation, management, and scraping. Static sessions are available. No monthly plans: just pay as you go. Proxies however are costly ($20/GB + $0.5/IP for static residential proxies). The useful extra features (like ASN targeting) add to the price.

Static and rotating proxies, thousand of cities.
Great speed. The IPs pool is small but well maintained. P2P residential proxies. Great and stable performance. Not perfect (better use static option for that) but suitable for account management with sticky sessions that last up to 30 min. Precise city targeting. One of the most expensive proxy providers ($450 for 38 GB ($11.85/GB)), but some unique features (such as unlimited bandwidth) are at no extra cost.

Mobile and residential proxies with highly adjustable rotation.
180+ countries with highly precise targeting options. An average price ($75 for 5GB ($15/Gb). IP whitelisting is required. Some useful features come as paid add-ons. ASN targeting is at no extra cost. Plenty of options for proxy rotation: measured in seconds, minutes, and as long as the IP is available. An option is to keep the same IP address after it loses connection. Suitable for account creation and management.

The Social Proxy
High-quality 4G mobile private proxies.
Legitimate mobile proxies from real users, high level of rotation. Developed specifically for social media automation. Comes with a REST API that makes extra features and automatic rotation possible, and integrates well with most of the powerful social media automation tools to improve IG automation. Locations are in Germany, Austria, America, the UK, and Texas (US). Unlimited bandwidth, simple pricing model (€90/proxy/a month), free trial.

Dedicated data center proxies for growing Instagram accounts:

Zyte’s Smart Proxy Manager
A rotating proxy API for Instagram scraping
Datacenter IPs, a proxy manager with integrated throttling, proxy rotation, automatic retries, header, and cookie management — an optimal choice for IG scraping. Paying for successful requests only ($99 for 200k successful requests). The cheaper plans with fewer features are available.

High proxies
Datacenter proxies for Instagram scraping.
Proxies are located in the US, CA, UK, NL, Germany, France, and Italy. The customer support is responsive and fast. Private HTTP/HTTPS proxies are fast and stable. Support both user/password and IP-Auth. Fast connection speed and a hassle-free setup. Price is higher as compared to the competitors ($3,20/social media proxy/a month).

The primary purpose of Instagram proxies is to avoid blocking by remaining unrecognizable for the social media platform, whether you use it to monitor a brand, generate leads, raise sales, or perform marketing campaigns.
Instagram proxies help to manage multiple accounts to interact with the audience no matter where in the world it is located. Using automation bots you can easily increase your traffic and benefit from likes, sharings, and comments.
Being able to create and manage multiple Instagram accounts has major benefits for businesses, whether you are a marketer manager or a business owner promoting your products and services across the globe.

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