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6 Frontend Award Websites For Developers To Get Inspired or Recognized

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As web development continues to evolve quickly, it can be difficult for us to stay updated with the latest trends. In this post, I will introduce 6 frontend award websites to visit for inspiration or possibly get recognized for your work. Plus, you may be able to learn a thing or two using browser’s Developer Tools to inspect/spy on the award-winning websites.

1. Awwwards

Awwwards Screenshot

Awwwards is one of the most prestigious frontend award websites. It recognizes and awards websites that demonstrate excellence in design, creativity, and innovation. Awwwards has a jury made up of professional designers, developers, and agencies from all over the world who review and rate each submission. The awards include Honorable Mention (HM), Site of the Day (SOTD), Developer Award, Site of the Month (SOTM) and Site of the Year (SOTY). As winning awards on Awwwards is a great way to get recognition from the industry's top professionals, visiting the site is also an excellent way to learn from the industry masters!

Submission Fee: $65 USD (Standard Plan)


2. CSS Design Awards

CSSDA Screenshot

CSS Design Awards (CSSDA) is another well-known frontend award platform that honors and showcases websites that pushes the boundaries of UI/UX and innovative development. Similar to Awwwards, CSSDA is also backed by an international panel of expert judges. It provides 8 award opportunities per submission, such as Website of the Day (WOTD) determined by the scores from the official judging panel, as well as UI Design, UX Design and Innovation Public Awards determined by votes from both the public plus the score by the judges.

Submission Fee: $50 USD for 1 person (+1 collaborator)


3. FWA

FWA Screenshot

Favourite Website Awards (FWA) is a reputable award website that has been established for more than two decades. With an international team of over 500 judges, participating in FWA is a great opportunity to get recognized and promote your work to a wider audience. Apart from websites, FWA also awards on other types of work such as Apps, VR and AR projects. The available awards include FWA of the day (FOTD), FWA of the month (FOTM), People’s Choice Award (PCA), and FWA of the year (FOTY).

Submission Fee: £70.50 GBP


4. CSS Winner

CSSWinner Screenshot

CSS Winner is a popular frontend award website that recognizes and celebrates outstanding website designs. Comparatively, the submission fee is a lot cheaper so it’s more friendly to freelancers, solo-designers, or solo-developers. With thousands of daily visitors around the world, it’s a great platform to boost your reputation as a front-end developer and open up new opportunities. The available awards include Nominee Award, Star Award, Site of the Day and Site of the Month.

Submission Fee: $9 USD, rejected submissions will be refunded


5. SiteInspire

SiteInspire Screenshot

SiteInspire is a curated gallery of the finest website designs from around the world, with over 8000 sites featured currently. It showcases the latest design trends and provides inspiration for designers and developers. The websites are chosen and curated by Howells Studio. It features websites that run a spectrum from fun and novel to clean and simple.

Submission Fee: Free


6. CSS Light

CSS Light Screenshot

CSS Light is a platform that showcases and promotes new talents and trends in the world of designing. It mainly focuses on a wide range of websites possessing unique skills in aesthetics, creativity, presentation, and coding. Submissions accepted would be listed under the Gallery section and the selected ones will be awarded with Featured of the Day.

Submission Fee: Free


That’s all and I hope you find this article useful! Please note that the submission fee and information listed above is based on what I saw lately, so be sure to check those out on the actual websites if you’re interested in submitting your work. Good luck and hope to see your names there soon! :)

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