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Nikkhiel Seath
Nikkhiel Seath

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One doesn't simply exit VIM

Around four years ago, I introduced myself to VIM. I had joined a Discord Community composed of Sophisticated Developers, Linux Users. And among these were VIM users. They had a certain vibe to them that made me desire their company. That is how my journey to a better path began.

No, this path was not better because it involved VIM. It was better as it made me acquire an attitude that most never aim for but should.

The attitude was to KEEP EXPLORING FOREVER.

My journey began with writing that first letter on VIM after learning how to enter Insert Mode and then exiting the same to navigate the document.
VIM showed me the beauty that simplicity could hold and the complexity that minimalism could contain.
It enabled me to explore solutions for even the most basic features that other text editors contain.

During this journey that began from VIM and shall continue forever, I encountered a MEME similar to this one

And it made me realise the great significance VIM holds for me. It enabled me to keep learning and exploring to find solutions and inspired me to apply the same to other aspects of my life.

I shall now like to end this brief to encourage the reader to always seek learning in every endeavour that you undertake. Yes, you will fail and fall but, soon, you will learn how to pick yourself up.

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Nikkhiel Seath

In an event this Post is read by someone:

Thank You for staying through the text of this Post. I know it is not the best one but, it is my first one and; as always, I shall keep learning and improving myself.

As for you, I shall like to know the thing that made a difference in your journey.

Stay Hungary; Stay Foolish