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Projects you can build after 2 months of learning web

Today I would like to share a collection of projects built by first-time web developers. These apps were after 2 months of learning web. In these courses, we teach fundamentals with just plain HTML, CSS, JS and no frameworks. Students are encouraged to use 3rd party APIs to power the features of their app and deploy using free hosting services.

1. The Food Bible


This app uses materialize css library and edmam recipe search API so users can search recipes with dietary options.

2. Moosic Social

Alt Text

While it is was not taught, this group took it upon themselves to learn react.js and use firebase auth and real-time database to build a social media app.

3. Fun Cookie Clicker

Alt Text

This charming game lets you score points by simply clicking, you can activate several upgrades to boost your points growth.

4 Gaming World TT


This video game storefront demo is very convincing. Visitors can even login via google.

5 Covid-19 Tracker


Some groups even worked on solutions around covid-19. This app utilizes a covid-19 API based on the John Hopkins University dataset.

There are dozens of more projects like these and they are all available at

Final thoughts

Modern web APIs, services and tools have really come far in bringing down the barrier to web development. If you may be interested in learning web dev online or have thoughts about what a web course should contain; please consider filling out this short survey.

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