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Discussion on: I’m sorry, but this “Full Stack” meme makes me really mad/sad

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David Domingo

I'm a full stack developer and do not feel offended at all by the meme. I think it's rather accurate, specially for full stack developers with a stronger backend background. Personally, I'm a full stack with more frontend knowledge and I feel like the opposite of that drawing. I know I lack many backend skills that a full time backend engineer with the same amount of experience has. It's only natural. It'll take me another 8 years or so to truly be full stack on a specific stack.

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Cubicle Buddha Author

Yes, only natural. I appreciate that acceptance/self-care aspects of your response. I’ll take any and all developers as long as they are willing to work well together. And sometimes collaboration requires each member accepting what they can contribute (and also mindful communicating their career aspirations). So it’s great that you have that understanding of yourself. Now we just need to spread that up the management chain! ;)