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Is Flutter SDK Still Relevant for Android App Development in 2020?

Sneha Rawat is an experienced digital marketing expert cum blogger.
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Flutter is a Google-developed and maintained open-source SDK allowing developers to build mobile apps for the Android platform. Mobile App development is a complicated and costly task to perform. Flutter offers numerous opportunities for Android developers to reduce the cost in multiple ways. Several blogs are available over the web discussing why Flutter is the best SDK for app development. In this blog, we will identify why it is cost-effective in comparison to other SDKs.

  1. Hot-Reload for Fast Development
    Hot-Reload is an incredible feature allowing the developer to explore changes instantly. This helps the team to add the latest features, experiment, and address bugs. In return, the overall time is reduced to a great extent for app development. This approach has some limitations as well. Overall, it overcomes the barriers of app development which earlier needs 3-5 minutes to see the changes.

  2. Open-source with Community Support
    Flutter is an open-source SDK with a huge community working 24/7 to bring in the trending innovations to the framework. The only investment that a company or startup requires with Flutter App Development is to hire app developers that have expertise in Flutter SDK. It is simple to learn & implement helping the developers to enhance mobile app development work in very short time duration. Once again, hot-reloading works in favor of new learners as well.

  3. MVP Development
    With several app development companies present, it becomes quite crucial to have a Minimum valuable product (MVP) to have a smooth deal with the investors. And for that, you need an MVP that runs on different platforms so that you can show its working performance across them. Flutter help to build MVP, thus saving a lot of time and cost. Not only that, it is easy to use MVP to build your product as the code written is robust.

  4. Unified App Development
    Another important thing with Flutter that reduces the cost is the availability of cross-platform app development features. A unified environment is available for the developer to write code once and it will work on the different platforms. Cross-platform development is not a new concept and is already being used by app developers. Flutter makes it easy for mobile app development team to build an app that runs on both iOS & Android platforms. It also helps developers to take benefit of the native features.

  5. Native-Like Performance
    The higher number of codes line surge the project cost. Flutter is based on Dart language which is basically an object-oriented programming language. In addition, it doesn’t require JavaScript to work and thus enhances the overall performance of the app. All the widgets are compiled natively to specific platforms. This basically means that less code is required to achieve the same level of performance. Other key features that aid in building good performance apps use Flutter including JIT compilation, AOT, and Hot-Reload.

  6. Less Time-to-Market

    For business enterprises reaching market at a fast rate is a big challenge to acquire maximum user base. Flutter is an open-source SDK with cross-platform functionality and hot reloads features as mentioned earlier. These features make it the perfect choice to build iOS App Development and reach market in short time duration. With Flutter same code is used to work for both iOS and Android.

The blog post covered a few prominent reasons to choose Flutter and why it is the right choice for your business mobile application development. So, what are you waiting for? Contact a reliable App Development Company, which offers app development services from scratch as well as customized the existing ones. You can hire dedicated developers to build a Flutter-based mobile app at an economical price.

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