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Todo App using Vue 3

Hello Readers,

In today’s blog we are creating a simple todo app using Vue 3 composition API.

If you are not familiar with what is composition api you can refer my previous blog, I will share a link for you here, so you can get the basic knowledge of it.

We are going to store our todos in localStorage and we remove then it can be also removed from localStorage.

Create a component within components/Todo/Todos.vue, and add below code.

  <div class="mt-10">
    <div class="flex flex-row justify-items-center justify-between my-10 mx-auto w-1/2">
      <h1 class="font-bold text-indigo-600 flex text-xl">Todo Application</h1>
        class="border w-75 rounded-lg font-bold bg-pink-600 text-white py-2 px-4"
      >Add Todo</button>
    <!-- add todo block -->
    <div v-show="showAddTodo">
      <div class="shadow mx-auto mt-6 p-7 w-1/2">
        <h3>Add Todo</h3>
        <form class="w-full max-auto mt-5">
          <div class="md:flex md:items-center mb-6">
            <div class="md:w-1/3">
                class="text-gray-500 font-bold text-right mb-1 md:mb-0 pr-4"
            <div class="md:w-2/3">
                class="appearance-none border border-indigo-400 rounded w-full py-2 px-4 text-gray-700 leading-tight focus:outline focus:bg-white focus:border-indigo-800"
          <button type="button" class="w-1/4 rounded bg-indigo-500 text-white shadow-sm py-2 mx-auto" @click="addTodo()">Add</button>
          <button type="button" class="ml-4 w-1/4 rounded bg-red-500 text-white shadow-sm py-2 mx-auto" @click="close()">Close</button>
    <!-- list of todos block -->
      v-for="(todo, index) in todos"
      class="w-1/2 flex justify-between bg-indigo-100 text-indigo-700 mx-auto border my-2 p-3 rounded"
    <p @dblclick="markAsComplete(todo)" :class="{'completed': todo.completed}" class="text-lg"> {{ todo.todo }} </p>

    <span><button @click="removeTodo(index)" class="text-pink-700 font-bold text-lg">x</button></span>

// import getTodosData from '@/composables/displayTodos';
import { ref } from "vue";

export default {
  setup() {
    const showAddTodo = ref(false);
    const todo = ref("");
    const completed = ref(false);

    // default todo array
    const defaultTodoData = [
        completed: false,
        todo: "Todo 1",
        completed: true,
        todo: "Todo 2",

    // get todo from localstroage if set else get the default one
    const todosLists = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem("todos")) || defaultTodoData;
    const todos = ref(todosLists);

    // add todo
    function addTodo() {
      if (todo.value) {
          completed: false,
          todo: todo.value,
        todo.value = "";

    // enable add todo modal
    const enableTodo = () => {
      showAddTodo.value = !showAddTodo.value;

    const close = () => {
      showAddTodo.value = !showAddTodo.value;

    // remove todo
    function removeTodo(index) {
      todos.value.splice(index, 1)

    // mark as complete
    function markAsComplete (todo) {
      todo.completed = !todo.completed;
      completed.value = true;

    // save todo in localStorage
    function saveTodo () {
      localStorage.setItem("todos", JSON.stringify(todos.value));

    return { todos, showAddTodo, enableTodo, addTodo, markAsComplete, saveTodo, todo, removeTodo, completed,close };

  .completed {
     text-decoration: line-through;
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You have successfully created Todo app.

Happy Coding.
Thank you.. 🦄 ❤️

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