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Database Notification in Laravel 9

Hello Artisans,

In this blog post we will see what is database notification and how to use it?

In Laravel, Database Notifications is a feature that allows you to store notifications in a database, rather than sending them immediately to a user's device. This feature is useful when you need to notify users about events that occurred while they were away from their device or that they may want to access at a later time.

When you use database notifications, you can retrieve notifications for a user and display them on a website or mobile application, or send them in a single email summary. This way, users can access notifications when they have time, rather than being distracted by them when they arrive.

Here's an example of how to use database notifications in Laravel:

  • Define the notification: Create a new notification class by running the php artisan make:notification command. The notification should have a via method that specifies the channels to use, and a toDatabase method that defines the notification data to store in the database.
php artisan make:notification NewMessageNotification
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  • Send the notification: Send the notification to the desired user or users using the notify method on the user object. For example:
$user = User::find(1);
$user->notify(new NewMessageNotification($message));
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  • Retrieve the notification: To retrieve the notification for a user, you can use the notifications relationship on the user object, or query the notifications table directly. For example:
$notifications = $user->notifications;
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Overall, database notifications in Laravel provide a convenient way to manage and deliver notifications to users, and they are particularly useful for applications that want to keep users updated with information that may be important but not urgent.

Happy Reading... ❤️ 🦄

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