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re: Okay. Great! If you read the article step by step then you will not get any error. You can always clone the final repository code from github.com/m...

Stranger! Can't display the jobs cranky-haibt-9c4f4b.netlify.app/! Will check out what it's wrong.... !

Netlify does not support Node.js apps directly. If you want to get your Node.js app deployed on Netlify, you need to deploy the App as a lambda function which I have explained in detail in this article.

Alternatively, you can clone my this repository where I have already done the configuration changes for Netlify.

You can check out my commits HERE to understand what changes I have done specific to Netlify

If you don't want to do such configuration, you can use Heroku to deploy the App because Heroku supports both React and Nodejs App directly.

I have just published an article showing how to deploy this application to Heroku. Check it out HERE

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