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Why build a dapp or blockchain on Tendermint consensus?

smn profile image Alex Siman ・2 min read

Tendermint building blocks

People keep asking me, why did I decide to build our Egeon blockchain on Tendermint consensus over other blockchain frameworks, like Hyperledger Fabric/Sawtooth or even Ethereum/EOS smart contracts. So here are my pros for Tendermint:

  1. Tendermint is fast. I mean really fast: my tests showed thousands of transaction per second. It's possible because it doesn't use Proof of Work, but implements a BFT consensus – in simple words, it's when 2/3+ nodes agree on the state of the ledger. Nodes are those servers who run Tendermint software.

  2. Tendermint is very flexible. You can extend it in any programming language: Go, JavaScript, Java, C#, Python, you name it (thanks to gRPC). This allows you to create a business task-specific blockchain that will fit all your needs and requirements. You can easily develop Tendermint in that same programming language your application is written. Needless to say the advantages of such an approach. In my case, I program in Node.js.

  3. Tendermint is a major building "block" of the whole Cosmos Network project - an Internet of Blockchains. They have implemented their decentralized Cosmos Hub in Tendermint. This hub is where all blockchains will communicate with each other through sidechains written in Tendermint. The Hub will allow transferring of coins from one blockchain to another. It will be super easy to integrate your dapp or blockchain into the whole world of the Internet of Blockchains if your software is written on Tendermint or Cosmos-SDK  –  which is an extension of Tendermint with added stacking, coins support and other useful things.

  4. Tendermint is already used as a consensus engine in Hyperledger Burrow - this is an alternative implementation of Ethereum smart contract engine (EVM). And Hyperledger Burrow is used as a smart contract engine (virtual machine) for Hyperledger Sawtooth  – yet another blockchain framework in Hyperledger family. There are much more products being built on Tendermint, check out this list.

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Alex that's wonderful work! Good luck for your project. I'd be grateful if you could advise me as to how to become a Blockchain developer? Thanks!

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