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Briefing 19

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Original Post Date: 5/4/2020
Author: IvanCoHe

Hey! So after calming down a bit from the hype I am now able to actually take a look at it! So yeah. Let's go!

WAREHOUSES. Ok so this is actually cheating it's not only Warehouses here. By this I mean, we haven't seen warehouses. We know these are in game though, however we have also not seen some other, uh, i'd say pretty important stuff. Don't get me wrong, I like what we've seen, but it looks like there's no Propane Stations, Colored farmbot variants and modular spudguns. This kinda preoccupies me. Of course, there's still a chance this is just not in the prerelease, but I'm kinda skeptical. I like the game so far, but I was really hoping for some more enemy variety even if it was just the different colors. Which leads me to my next point:

What don't we know about? This might seem like a dumb question but until 2 days from now we didn't really know about slave trading. So I think we still lack some stuff. It seems like some of the ambitious stuff might have gotten cut, like Scrapyards and Propane Stations. I think about half of these are just not on the prerelease, but IDK, this might end up being smaller than we thought.

At the end of the day though, the game is great. The update already looks amazing. I can't wait to hop into creative and see everything new! Only 3-2 days to go!

I'm off for now! Bye!

SM Leaks and News

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