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Briefing 13

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Original Post Date: 4/25/2020
Author: IvanCoHe

24 HOURS REMAIN AAAAAAAAAAAAA- I mean, hello Mechanic people! there's now 24 hours left until the release of the survival trailer. Well, actually until the 27th, it will most likely come about 10 - 12 hours later but still WE'RE ALMOST THERE! Here's what's going to happen.

When will the trailer drop, explained by the most unreliable person ever. Ok so here's my theory: It's dropping at 4pm CEST. They keep releasing tweets earlier and earlier so I don't see a drop at the usual 8pm. This is just my hunch (and if you read Briefing 8 you know that's not a good enough reason) but I do think that is what is going to happen. So prepare to be dissapointed lmao

When will the actual game drop because tbh that's what I want. I'm saying May 4th. A week from the trailer, like they said like 3 and a half months ago. Seeing them still make SteamDB updates that mean there's still a bunch of things that are being changed slowly hurts my mental sanity but I think it can be done, especially with their goal being May 1st.

That's it for today guys, I went to sleep at like 5 am yesterday so I will most likely skip a bunch of waiting hours for the trailer today while sleeping >:), Bye!

SM Leaks and News

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