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Briefing 12

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Original Post Date: 4/25/2020
Author: IvanCoHe

Hey, humans! Ah, what a nice day today. Everything is going as I expected it to, which means that there most likely there weren't any dev problems today. Muskrat is playing WarThunder, I'm staying up until 2 am and I just played 4 hours of Terraria. Just a normal day. Anyways, let's actually do this:

Tapebots: Insert Flextape joke here. So uh, remember these guys? Yeah so I realized they never really told us much about their whole abilities. We know they shoot and they are fast and that's it. You can see he has a Giant Scissor which I imagine he will use for melee and that you can stealth him and just one hit kill him with the hammer. But we also know that they do A lot of damage! (Sorry had to put that in) They seem to be the strongest enemy we will face. In general, I think Warehouses will be more difficult than they seem. It will most likely be a very dangerous place that you need to be creative to survive.

Axolot contradicts each other so much that I'm super confused about survival now (Lmao). Ok so here I need your help. Is survival permadeath, only player reviving or just normal survival? They keep mentioning playing revival and how "If you die, then it's going to be a very short game" But they also mentioned that you could get back your items if you ran to the place you died. I'm confused. So what do you think? Tell me in #general!

That's it for today! I'm off to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf on my Nintendo 3ds! Goodbye! (Yes that was a Reggie meme)

SM Leaks and News

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