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E-Commerce website using osCommerce software

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osCommerce development services are quite helpful to make the e-commerce website attractive. There are many companies that have adopted osCommerce web development for establishing e-stores as the software is easily available is one of the most used software as it offers features which make the online shopping experience easy for the customers and the shop holders.

What is osCommerce development?

osCommerce is a free software available under the General Public License. It is an e-commerce and online store management software that makes the development and handing of the e-store an easy and convenient process for the developer and the customers. Moreover, it can be used on any web server that is powered by PHP and MySQL installation.

If you are associated with an e-commerce development company in Dubai , you will have a complete idea how an osCommerce website development is utilized to develop e-commerce websites as the platform offers numerous advanced features that make the e-store management and uploading of the products quite efficient. There is always a room for improvement and as we have now entered in a new year, there may be certain aspects to be reconsidered to use the platform more effectively and create an exceptional e-commerce website.

For an outstanding e-commerce website design and development, we have discussed a few points that can serve as an informative reference for the development process using the osCommerce platform.

Revamp the Stock layout

You don’t need to stick to the conventional layouts or templates. You can edit the style sheet by changing colours by replacing their hex code. The important aspect is that you need to give every site a new look and changing the colour can be the first step. To give a new look to the cart, you can change the stock buttons which are available in the contributions section in huge number.

Add thumbnails

Thumbnails for the images improve load time, improve the look and give the site a professional appeal. There are some thumbnail contributions available that enable you to upload various sizes of picture i-e small, medium or large. Some of them offer additional images with your main image. There are few that automatically resize large images into various sizes. You can choose according to your preferences.

Edit the images for quicker loading

For an e-commerce platform image loading is a very important issue as images are the only source through the customers are able to see and select the product. There are plenty of image editing software available that can help you to optimize your images. The images should load quickly so that they save the customers’ time and they do not have to wait to look at a number of products which in return will increase the sales. Through osCommerce you will be able to reduce the image loading time and will spare the customers from getting irritated due to long buffering time.

Smooth checkout

Another important aspect for the success of an e-commerce platform is providing the customers a hassle free checkout. Smooth and precise checkout will definitely bring the customer back for more shopping increasing the conversion rates. Ensure that your website allows the customers to finish the shopping process in no time. Do not ask for unnecessary details or information, let them finish shopping and then you can ask the email address etc.

Product Description

Have detailed product descriptions as they will make the buying decision easier for the customer. Additionally, ensure that they are easily visible and the customer does not have to search for the product availability or details. It ideal to add a description with every product and providing all the specifications. An osCommerce platform will make it quite easier to do so.

SSL certificate

After the huge scandals of data theft you require an SSL certificate to authenticate your website. You will be dealing with a lot of data and to build the trust of your customers you need the certificate.

Unique selling point

Establish a well-thought out and researched USP that will make you stand apart from the rest of the league. You will have to offer your customers something unique that will attract them towards your brand. Ensure that your website should have is own aura and feel so that the customers can easily associate with the brand.

Avoid rich media files

Simplicity is the best policy. Keep the site simple and avoid rich media files that make unnecessary sounds or pop ups. You need to attract customers not to intimidate them. For an e-commerce platform you have to target mass audience and many of them turn to online shopping as it is fast and saves their time and hassle of visiting a store physically. Make sure that your files are nit heavy and load quickly to grant the customer the luxury of online shopping.

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