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Forcing webpack to recompile your files

Just today I started noticing that when my react code rebuilds, I get eslint errors in the console, but not in my IDE.

Even stranger was the fact that when I run eslint by itself in the commandline, it doesn't show that anything was wrong:

eslint --cache --format stylish --ext '.js,.jsx,.ts,.tsx' --quiet ./
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What gives?

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The solution

touch command to the rescue. In order to force webpack to recompile the files, they had to be changed somehow, and I wasn't prepared to manually change each file by hand, recompile, and revert the change, just to wait for another recompilation.

I simply used the touch command on Linux to "touch" all the files which were having that problem, like so:

touch src/pages/**/*.{js,jsx,tsx,ts}
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shell is zsh

After running this command, webpack was forced to recompile everything and I no longer saw those pesky errors again.

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