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Free Python Converter Tool - DataFrames, OpenAPI, CSV to Models, DataTables

Hello Coders!

The video mentioned in this article explains how to use a free conversion tool written in Python to manipulate and convert information into different formats. The tool is a simple UI able to convert OpenAPI descriptors, CSV, and DataFrames into Python Models definition (allows editing), Data tables, and charts. The whole process is visual.

Thanks for reading!

Converter library for CSV, OpenAPI, Pandas DF, URLs using a simple Drag & Drop UI.

Is important to know that the sources are released under EULA License: free for students, personal projects (non-commercial), and NGOs. Here is the list with supported conversions:

  • OpenAPI (JSON) to models (Flask, Django)
  • Edit extracted modules
  • CSV to Models
  • CSV to DataTables
  • CSV to Charts
  • DataFrames to Models, DataTables
  • DataFrames export (JSON, CSV, SQL format)

✨ Video transcript

  • ✅ Access the public repository: Python Converter
  • ✅ Present the tool features
  • ✅ Start the project in a local environment
  • ✅ Upload different inputs: CSV, DataFrames
  • Convert OpenAPI files
  • Convert CVS files
  • Convert DataFrames files

The product is under heavy development and 2nd iteration will include: Yaml format for OpenAPI, Swagger UI (remote processing), and Remote Databases conversions.

Thanks for reading! For more resources, please access:

  • 🚀 Free support provided by AppSeed (email & Discord)
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Great Idea. How the remote DB data manipulation will be implemented?

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Peewee pulls the data and tabels definitions.

here is an isolated sample, in case you have the time:

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Creative Tim

Good job!! ❤️ This is awesome

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Wait ... I think I've seen your logo before.
Any chances to be the notorious Creative-Tim?

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Thank you for this work

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Yw 🚀🚀