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Cyber Monday - Deals for developers and designers

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Hello coders,

Cyber Monday, the latest promo of the year is almost finished and many many companies drop prices using nice discounts (50% - 90%). Some offers look good but are limited in terms of licensing or support and might not end in a real deal for the customer.
Well, I've built this list based on my history as a consumer and also knowing the usual listing price used by all agencies mentioned below. This is an open list, feel free to suggest more REAL deals in the comments.
Thank you!

Disclosure - This post contains affiliate links.

If you use these links to buy something (no additional cost to you) I may earn a commission, product, or service. Thank you!

Criteria used to build this list:

  • Discounts are real and consistent (at least 50%)
  • Vendors provide FREE versions for discounted products
  • The commercial licenses are permissive (no footer links or other hidden things).
  • The products have a quality above the market average.

2020 Cyber Monday Offer - TL;DR;

  • 90%OFF Creative-Tim - promo bundles for Bootstrap, React, and Vue
  • 50%OFF Themesberg - 7*PRO discounted products
  • 60%OFF BootstrapDash - Bootstrap, Vue and React templates
  • 95%OFF WrapPixel - single bundle with 25+ products

Creative-Tim - 90%OFF

This company provides discounted bundles per technology:

Some FREE products to play with before purchasing anything:

Cyber Monday - Creative-Tim React Bundle Offer.

Themesberg - 50%OFF

7 Premium Themes Powered by Bootstrap CSS can be purchased with 50% discount.

Bundle Link: Cyber Monday Themesberg

Popular Free Products:

Cyber Monday - Themesberg offer.

WrapPixel 95%OFF

The Cyber Monday bundle contains 12 Bootstrap Templates, 8 Angular Templates, 5 React Templates and 3 Vue Templates.

Cyber Monday Bundle Link - WrapPixel CM Offer

FREE products from WrapPixel:

Cyber Monday - WrapPixel offer.

BootstrapDash 60%OFF

Bundle of 50+ Premium Templates with 100+ dashboard layouts, UI kits coded in Bootstrap, React, and Vue.

Bundle Link: BootstrapDash Mega Bundle

Popular FREE products:

Cyber Monday - BootstrapDash offer.

Thank you! Btw, my (nick) name is Sm0ke and I'm pretty active also on Twitter.

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Zoltán Szőgyényi

Awesome list! Thanks for writing it ☺️