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Bulma CSS - Open-Source Components

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Hello Coder,

If you're using Bulma CSS in your development, maybe it is a good idea to spare a few minutes of your time and look at this open-source library with more than 50 components styled with Bulma, and released under the MIT license. Never used Bulma CSS before? Find out more on this short tutorial written especially for beginners. Thank You!

For LIVE preview, please access Bulma Css - Components

Bulma CSS Components - Admin Dashboards.

What's in the box

Components are grouped by visual usability criteria (footer, hero, navbar ..), and styled directly on top of Bulma (no Javascript dependency) as pug templates, which makes them very easy to extend and customize.

How to use the project

To use the bulma components project and the components, just type:

# Clone the repo
$ git clone https://github.com/bulma-css-templates/bulma-components.git
$ cd bulma-components

# Install dependencies
$ yarn

# Run dev server with live preview (Browsersync)
$ yarn start 

# Or make a production build
yarn build


Here is a shortlist, to visualize the full library please access Bulma CSS - Components online.

Screen Shots

Bulma Css Components - eCommerce.

Bulma Css Components - Footers.

Bulma Css Components - CTA.


Thank you!

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