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Black Friday - Sweet deals ONLY

sm0ke profile image Sm0ke ・3 min read

Hello Coders,

This article presents a short-list with nice deals that might help designers and developers to start commercial projects at a lower budget without compromising the quality.

Criteria used to build this list:

  • Discounts are real and consistent (at least 50%)
  • Vendors provide FREE versions for discounted products
  • The commercial licenses are permissive (no footer links or other hidden things).
  • The products have a quality above the market average.

Thanks for reading! Please suggest more deals from other vendors in the comments.

2020 Black Friday Offer - TL;DR;

  • 90%OFF Creative-Tim - promo bundles for Bootstrap, React, and Vue
  • 90%OFF Themesberg - a single bundle with 7*PRO products
  • 95%OFF WrapPixel - single bundle with 25+ products
  • 60%OFF BootstrapDash - Bootstrap, Vue and React templates
  • 70%Off AppSeed (my startUp) - for Flask and Django Bundles

Creative-Tim - 90%OFF

This company provides discounted bundles per technology:

Some FREE products to play with before purchasing anything:

Black Friday - Creative-Tim offer.

Themesberg - 90%OFF

7 Premium Themes Powered by Bootstrap CSS can be purchased until 28.Nov for $79.

Bundle Link: BF Themesberg ONLY $79

Popular Free Products:

Black Friday - Themesberg offer.

BootstrapDash 60%OFF

Bundle of 50+ Premium Templates with 100+ dashboard layouts, UI kits coded in Bootstrap, React, and Vue.

Bundle Link: BootstrapDash Mega Bundle

Popular FREE products:

Black Friday - BootstrapDash offer.

WrapPixel 95%OFF

The BF bundle contains 12 Bootstrap Templates, 8 Angular Templates, 5 React Templates, and 3 Vue Templates.

BF Bundle Link - WrapPixel BF Offer

FREE products from WrapPixel:

Black Friday - WrapPixel offer.

AppSeed 70%OFF

PROMO Starters are coded in Flask and Django with basic modules, database, authentication, and deployment scripts on top of premium UI KITS.

Bundle Link: AppSeed Black Friday $99

Popular FREE Starters:

Black Friday - AppSeed offer.

Thank You! Please suggest more sweet deals in the comments.

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mrahmadawais profile image
Ahmad Awais ⚡️

Woohoo! 🥳🥳🥳

I'm also running up to a 70% off discount on my courses. — 60% off save $150. Learn to build Node.js based automation CLI Apps/DevTools — 73% off save $120. Become a VSCode Power User and learn 200+ tips/tricks workflows like multi-cursors, debugging, & macros — 67% off save $100. If you want to sound professional and authentic while writing technical content for developers, this book/course is for you

Have a great holiday. Learn new skills and make 2021 better. Use your code for good.

Peace! ✌️

sm0ke profile image
Sm0ke Author

Thanks for sharing! I will take a look :)

mrahmadawais profile image
Ahmad Awais ⚡️

Thank you. If you intend to buy please bear with me, my payment processor is down due to an AWS Outage.

andrewmcodes profile image
Andrew Mason

Caleb Porzio’s VS Code course is on sale as well:
Make VS Code Awesome. I bought it awhile back and it’s pretty good if you want a more level course. It also has lots of goodies if you write PHP.

sm0ke profile image
Sm0ke Author

Nice ... Thank you!
P.S. The design looks so good.

uithemes profile image

Nice list :)

sm0ke profile image
Sm0ke Author

Thanks for reading!

theme_selection profile image

Superb..!! You can check Frest Admin Template and Materialize admin template. Both are on sale...!!!

garyrydell2 profile image
Gary Rydell

Just purchased the 86% off on the PureVPN offer of early the shopping extravaganza following early black friday. Get your deal now! Visit:

sm0ke profile image
zolidev profile image
Zoltán Szőgyényi

Awesome list 😁

sm0ke profile image
Sm0ke Author

Thank you!

hedanielld profile image
Hubert Daniell

Wes Bos has all his courses 50% off

sm0ke profile image
Sm0ke Author

Just click on the link.
Sounds link a real deal at first look. Thank you!

rfitz profile image
Ryan Fitzgerald

Great list! I'm also running over 60% off on my dev kit for Chrome Extensions (