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Black Friday is coming 🔥 Vote your Discount: 50, 60, 70%

Hello Coders!

Because this year is a special one and needs to be closed on hype, me and my team (aka AppSeed) decided to help much as we can with a Black Friday Discount voted by the users. At the moment we speak, two polls are collecting the votes.

  • 👉 On Discord (announcements channel)
  • 👉 On Twitter (official AppSeed account)

The mechanism is simple: the discount applied during the Black Friday Campaign (15-30 NOV) is decided by the votes of our users. Here are the options:

🎁 Option #1 - 50% (all products and licenses)

The discount is applicable to all products and licenses. For instance, Django Datta PRO (best seller) with the regular pricing of $89 / $109 / $299, during Black Friday can be purchased for $45 / $55 / $149, in case this scheme is the most voted one.

😮 Option #2 - 60% (only StartUP and Personal licenses)

This scheme provides a bigger discount but the company licenses are excluded. If we use again the above product as a sample, during the Black Friday Campaign the new pricing is this: $35 / $43 / $299.

In the simulation, we can see that Personal and startUp licenses are cheaper but the price for the company license remains intact ($299).

🔥 Option #3 - 70% (only Personal licenses)

If voted, the biggest discount in this campaign goes only to the Personal Licenses and Datta Able PRO can be purchased for ONLY $26 (Personal License).

Discount for Annual Subscription

Once voted, the discount is applied also for the annual subscription ($49) that unlocks a permanent 30% Discount for all products and licenses. In this campaign the price of the subscription becomes:

  • 👉 $24 - If Option #1 wins
  • 👉 $19 - If Option #2 applied
  • 👉 $14 - For Option #3

In the end, the entire team sends a big hug to all our users that fuel with virtual kerosene this crazy mission called AppSeed.

New to this project? Read the full story on Medium narrated by Adi Chirilov, the founder.

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uithemes profile image

can i vote 80%

sm0ke profile image

:) maybe next year. For now, 70% is the maximum.

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Fredy Andrei

Amazing opportunity! Thanks! 😍

sm0ke profile image