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20+ Free Admin Dashboards - LIVE on PH

sm0ke profile image Sm0ke Updated on ・2 min read

Hello coders,

The 20+ open-source admin-dashboards collection, provided by the AppSeed platform is now LIVE on PH:

20+ Free Admin Dashboards

This open-source bundle contains production-ready dashboards coded in Flask and Django with a basic set of modules, features and deployment scripts, on top of iconic, beautiful UI Kits.

Thank you! Content provided by AppSeed - App Generator.

Just a few screenshots, below:

Black Dashboard Design

Flask Dashboard - Black Design


Flask Dashboard AdminLTE - Template project provided by AppSeed.

Adminator Design

Flask Dashboard Adminator - Starter project coded in Flask.

CoreUI Design

Flask Dashboard CoreUI - Template project provided by AppSeed.

Corona Dark Design

Flask Dashboard Corona Dark - Open-Source template project provided by AppSeed.

Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing this. Good luck with your PH campaign.

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