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Lets hit the road running!

Hello Everyone!

const myNameIs = `Vaschell McKenzie`
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I'm excited to announce that I've recently started my coding journey with FlatIron coding bootcamp. Before I go into details about how my first few weeks in the program have been, I would like to give special thanks to Amazon Career Choice for funding this program and helping employees upscale to become qualified for other jobs within or outside of the company!

I would just like to start off by saying prior to me taking this program did have some knowledge of the basics since I was pursuing a Computer Science Degree, but I chose to do this bootcamp over the degree because...

  1. The sake of time, it would've taken me 4yrs to get my degree.
  2. I don't like taking classes that have absolutely nothing to do with what I'm studying.

Never the less even with my prior knowledge there are still things I don't know about programming and I feel this bootcamp can help me achieve my career goals.

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