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Discussion on: How to host Nuxt.js application on firebase with a single command

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Zigmas Slusnys Author

I'd say you have to include the icons you want to use with JavaScript, also depends on the package of icons you want to use, I think there are several types of fa icons available that you have to explicitly define

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skflowne • Edited

Yes, I got all the packages there and I can actually go into devtools and make them appear in prod if I change css.
I would expect the package to add the css needed as part of the built assets in client but it's not there.
So I'm not sure what's wrong here, it seems to me that the specific config for firebase shouldn't be an issue.
I've seen they mentionned this css file in another issue where icons were too big in prod.
So I tried adding this in css: ["@fortawesome/fontawesome-svg-core/styles.css"] in nuxt.config.js but no luck either.

I don't understand why this is not working the nuxtjs doc clearly says you can include global css this way and the css file has the classes that I'm missing.

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Zigmas Slusnys Author

I think you could find an okay article about this here: