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Visualize your AWS app like never before with sls-mentor

Your serverless app like you've never seen it before with sls-mentor

Ever dreamed of being able to visualise your entire AWS application at a glance? With the new 3.0 (alpha) of sls-mentor, it is now possible!

sls-mentor is a free and open-source tool that generates an interactive graph of your AWS application. This graph contains all the interactions between components of your app (Lambda functions, DynamoDB tables, S3 buckets...), as well as their stats (coldstart duration, bundle size, table size...).

The end-game of sls-mentor is to allow developers and tech-leads to be able to take informed decisions relative to the architecture of their AWS App, by providing them with user-friendly data and best-practices compatible with their situation.

How to run sls-mentor?

You only need your CLI to run the new 3.0 of sls-mentor, simply use:

npx sls-mentor@alpha -p <AWS_CLI_PROFILE> -r <AWS_REGION>
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sls-mentor will perform its analysis live, on the AWS Account associated with the CLI profile.

There are also filtering options: -c to specify cloudformation stacks, -t for tags

What can sls-mentor do?

sls-mentor 3.0 is still in alpha, but it is already quite capable!

Visualize a graph snapshot of your AWS app

Image description

Some resources or interactions are not yet supported yet, we are working on them!

Rank Lambdas/DynamoDBs by stats (duration, size...)

Image description

More options coming soon!

Edit the graph

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Have fun by moving around the components of your app, or pin them (by pressing SPACE) to make it clearer.

Short-term roadmap

We are currently working hard on making the alpha better!

Here are some of the features we want to implement during the following weeks:

  • AppSync APIs and integrations
  • Clustering (By Cloudformation stack, by tags...)
  • Filtering options (By Cloudformation stack, by tags...)
  • More stats (S3 buckets...)
  • First best-practices

We need you!

If you enjoyed trying sls-mentor 3.0, your feedback is valuable! Feel free to comment or to contact me on twitter

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We are also open to contributions!

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The UI looks amazing 🤯

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Pierre Chollet

Thank you 😍