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Redis University RU102N: Redis for .NET Developers

Hello all! I wanted to share the culmination of something I've been working on the last few months, and realistically have been concocting since I metaphorically stepped through the doors at Redis as its .NET Advocate in June of 2021. I've just released the new RU102N: Redis for .NET Developers course in Redis University.

Redis University is a free, online learning platform that's intended to teach you everything you need to know about Redis.

What You'll Learn

  • The best practices for using the Redis client StackExchange.Redis
  • How to do all the normal Redis things (data structures, streams, pipelining, pub/sub, transactions).
  • How to interact with Redis from ASP.NET (both core and classic), and deploy some of the most common use-cases of Redis in these environments.
  • How to interact with Redis Stack from .NET. Both directly from the StackExchange.Redis ad-hoc API, as well as the third-party ecosystem that's sprung up around it.
  • How to index, store, query, and aggregate your objects in Redis using Redis OM .NET

How You'll Learn

The course is run through Redis University's Learning Management System(LMS), and is chock full of code examples that you can use to learn by doing. At the end of the course there's an assessment to see what you've learned. If you pass the assessment you'll be awarded a certificate for the course. You can also interact with me and other learners in our course Discord Channel on Redis's Discord server. The course is slated for "6 weeks" for about 3 hours per week, but it is mostly self paced (we do turn the courses over ever 6 weeks so just finish on time!) You could realistically sit down with the materials for a few days and come away with a strong knowledge of how to use Redis from .NET.

Special Thanks

  • I want to give a big shout out Simon Prickett who was my second set of eyes on the course, and who helped me navigate our LMS.
  • Also a huge thanks to Marc Gravell and Nick Craver, who are the maintainers of StackExchange.Redis, and without whom this course literally would not be possible.
  • Naturally, a huge thanks to those .NET users of Redis who's collective knowledge and experience I've sought to condense and synthesize into this course.

Course Resources

  • The course itself is in Redis University
  • The course's GitHub Repo
  • If you are not familiar with Redis, RU101 covers everything you'd need to know from Redis' perspective prior to starting the course.

Happy learning! Tell your friends!

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Rambod Moghadam

But I get CORS error on register

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Steve Lorello • Edited

Sorry for the delayed response (holidays) - we had a platform issue with our LMS around the time you added this comment. If you try again and still can't get in ping us on discord: and we'll get sorted