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Why Ivy in angular?

Ivy is the Angular’s rendering engine. By using Ivy we can compile components more independently of each other.

Ivy promises smaller bundle sizes, easy and better debugging, mainly for boost in overall performance.

Ivy introduced in angular version of 8, but now in angular version 13 it's 100% Ivy and No More Support for View Engine

There are two main concept of Ivy.

  1. Tree Shaking
  2. Locality

1. Tree shaking:

Tree shaking is used to removing unused code during the bundling process. we can do this by using tools like Rollup and Uglify.

At the time of build process, tree shaking tools use static analysis and eliminate the unused and unreferenced code.

However, but tree shaking tools also have limitations when the conditional code exists as static analysis depends on references.


The locality is used to compiling each component independently with its own local information that rebuilds faster by compiling partial changes and not the entire project files because of this increase the process of build.


Ivy compiler is a most important feature of the Angular development services.

Ivy improves the loading performance and development speed of your application development.

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