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How to Lead Your Remote Team to Improve Productivity

Nowadays remote working is a trend. It requires a different set of abilities, resources, and skills.

When your business is running with a remote team, that time not possible things like nonverbal communication cues. You have to individualize your managerial approach even more than normal while your employees contend with parenting from home, caring for loved ones, home internet issues and other things also included.

Here is a list of ideas that will help you to improve productivity with remote teams.

1. Be Flexible with Schedules

When you are given flexibility for working that time you are Boosting employee morale that is very good for your business and also that will reduce tardiness and absenteeism.

Offering flexible work schedules will increase your ability to recruit outstanding employees. You will develop an image as an employer of choice with family-friendly flexible work schedules.

2. Increased staff motivation

You have to always motivate your employees about work and the environment so employees always work happily and you will get more productivity.

3. Focus on Productivity, Not Activity

When your team is working from remote you can’t manage everything like how many hours an employee is working and what they are doing right now when working hours are going on.

So Instead of focusing on activity or hours worked, focus on the Productivity and measure your team accordingly.

4. Provide Resource Your Team

Sometimes you have to start remote work and suddenly that time you have to manage resources for your team.

Like that time you have to provide tools like laptops, software, mobile devices, or even a high-speed internet connection.

5. Use of Technology

When your team is working from remote your work is to keep your team connected. When you are doing email and messages that are not enough for connection nowadays you have to use rocketchat, slack and skype are better suited for collaboration and communication.

6. One To One

Whenever possible, this should be one-on-one, and face-to-face via video. Phone conversations, email, and Slack go only so far. Your team needs to see you, and you need to see them. The good news is that services like Zoom or Google's Team Hangouts make this relatively easy.

Don’t do it every day because some time employees are frustrated but you have to do this in a week. That time don’t discuss the whole meeting about work you have to take care of your employee also so discuss the employee environment.

Thank you for reading please comment your suggestion in the comment box.

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