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Industry 4.0+ | IOT, ML & BLOCKCHAIN


Industry 4.0 utilizes best of resources but what if it becomes secure using blockchain?

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This is just an architecture I thought about but I'm looking for your feedback on this so that I can move it forward for some concrete structure


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Tobias Nickel • Edited on

from the diagram I can not really see what you try to achieve.
there are iot-serive, the actual application service, machine learning, Etherium or Fabric blockchain,...

but what is that for. it is good if you want to study all of this, but it would make sence if you have a goal.

From experience working with hyperledger fabric. You even need a dedicated team just for that blockchain part.

I believe the blockchain only can become secure, when every art in the system is very well understood, and for that the architecture has to be as simple as pissible.

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D\sTro Author

That diagram is like a prototype I'm building an app. Yoh can think of this as industry 4.0 on blockchain

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Tobias Nickel

looks like quite a lot of buzzwords. are you looking to impress some startup investor?

feel free to pm me. maybe I can help you.