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Branding Yourself is Easy

Branding yourself is important if you have to survive in the industry for long. Good news is, it's easy for people like us whose professional playground is the internet๐Ÿ‘Œ

A Github account with little or more nerdy user name with few repos. Don't get demotivated by looking at others repo. If others have lots of repo or unique research that means they've been doing this constantly for long

Join Communities like Dev, hashnode, medium, fcc, Twitter or just gBlog and keep posting your (*research) and interesting findings

Plain Profile picture suits social media but for tech forums, it should reflect who you are

Open source Contribution is great but ignore it if you are offered code comments kind if task only

There are "coding models" on Instagram and most of them are either coding amateur or just got stated but their contents creation style motivates other developers. You should try this too

You don't need to own a domain with your full name for Portfolio. You can use heroku or any other forum which serves subdomain based blog. Great one is "github pages" Which will force you to learn how to push code successfully

Pitch yourself. This skill requires both connections as well as courage. There's a saying "if product you built is not great then make sure the marketing is great". This skill is the backbone of this saying

You won't survive on Stack overflow so better use this platform for learning until you are confident

Having SEO skill is nice but not important people talk about you and your work

Follow Technical blogs. for example mit, deepai, FbAi, google etc. This will keep your knowledge of the domain on track

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Sojasmine Gjerstad

Good advice, thanks๐Ÿ‘.

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Neha S Prajapati

That's so nice suggestion thanks ๐Ÿ™