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An idead for secure voting system using ML and Blockchain

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🎭 //Personal Opinion// 🎭

Note: This is just an approach I'm writing and it has nothing to do with politics etc😊

Most shouted solution to mail in voting confusions/scams by replacing it with Blockchain & artificial intelligence!

It's almost impossible and total waste of time for someone tries tempering with block data(hash) right ?

Then why not Blockchain in voting system? It would be easy enough to opt. just an app with option to submit vote and associate every individual vote with their social I'd and face scan(ML part)

Backend: vote+social I'd number +faceID and store it in the blockchain network. This way, no one will even think about challenging these votes because blockachin is in there since the beginning right

This will be one time setup which will reduce billions of cost handling mail in vote procedure.

Machine learning: a middleware will be required. if someone tries to vote again then this middleware will catch it so all it has to do is validating face before it gets submitted to blockchain and this kind of model are already available

Leave your suggestion/question if you understand this approach

Thanks for reading 😊

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Nassir Amakran

Nice idea. Imagine you could publish your Vote/survey on this system, so everybody whos person is identified (also the provider of the vote/survey) by the social-id+ML Face / Identitycheck could participate or be notifited