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Slim Coder
Slim Coder

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Slim Coder - Introduction

πŸš€ Here is introductory video of Slim Coder for youtube channel.

πŸ‘ I'm giving back to Community as Slim Coder by:

1) Writing technical articles.
2) Uploading videos.
3) Uploaded free courses.
4) Contributing to open source project.
5) Solving problems on StackOverflow.
6) Helping developers on
7) Sharing memes for developers.

😍 Plateforms:

1) Youtube:
2) Medium:
4) StackOverflow:
5) GitHub:
6) Blog:
7) FB Page:

Don't forget to contact me on my email address:


Hello Can you hear me?

I repeat can you hear me!

Hmm hmm hmmm

Yeah! Right so let's start.

I am a software engineer from Pakistan.

Aww! I’m very bored right now.

Let’s rap in supersonic effect.

My real name is Vivek Anand Sharma, I worked with the latest technologies and decided to start this Youtube channel for giving back to programmers community.

I'm also known as Slim Coder.

Slim Coder is a fictional character that is inspired by Eminem (Slim Shady).

Hahahah i’m not going crazy!

I'm giving back to the programmers community as Slim Coder by writing technical articles on medium, creating content on youtube, contributing to open source projects on GitHub, helping the programmers community on StackOverflow and I also love to share memes for programmers on my Facebook and LinkedIn page.

Got it right ?

Am I offbeat?

Let's talk about the results:

I'm the owner of two top GitHub organizations, Co-Founder of DevCreatives++.
Writing for three publishers on medium, running a local community group for Golang devs known as Golang Pakistan.
Dropped 1 complete course about Golang,
1 time Featured in JavaScript on Medium.
Community Manager of Mentors without borders, Member of AWS Community and Linux Pakistan, contributor of Freecodecamp, node foundation, and js org on GitHub.

I'm part of 6 organizations on Github.

You want to learn about me?

Aww! Then don’t forget to subscribe my blog.

That’s all from my side.

If you have any query then
don't forget to send me an email at

Thank you for watching.

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