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As a full time software developer, I always had a thought of sharing my experiences either good or bad which I have gained during my development phase.
I specifically want to share my perspectives, advices and struggle with my community member so they could dramatized the life of a developer.
Since, being working for 1 year in open source working environment I had learned alot. Now I want to introduce you all to the 2nd personality of my self namely, 'Slim coder'
Now you all are wondering about this second personality. So, let me clarify you all; slim coder is a person who love to serve his services for the tech community. He live with the ambition to help others and will remain continue to help here after. You can easily take benefit from the slim coder services though below mentioned platform.

Stack overflow:
Dev community:

If you wish to see your slim coder serving his services and advices for tech community so, don't forget to subscribe the channel; your slim coder is always available for tech community. Also, if you want to share your suggestions/recommendation or want to connect with Vivek; you can follow me on below mentioned. platforms.

Facebook :
Instagram :
LinkedIn :
Twitter :

You will get to know about the development of Vivek as slim coder and many other things are on the way. So, please subscribe and follow slim coder if you want to gain information through the experiences and advices of slim coder.

Thank You.

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