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Microservices Naming Convention

Slim Coder
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Updated on ・1 min read

Hi guys,

I need some help regarding microservices naming convention;

I have around 9 Microservices developed using node.js.

Now i want to name each and every services so should i name them related to animals, animation characters or game characters according to there power and role.

What you guy's think about it?

For Example: Should i name my user service as "avatar" ?

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Arber Braja

Avatar looks cool.

Another way of naming the users-service could be "superheroes".

It makes your users look even cooler :)

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Slim Coder Author

Thank you ❤️

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Slim Coder Author

Maybe DC Comics can help me:

or GOT characters:

If you have any suggestion don't forget to comment.