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Slimani Mohammed
Slimani Mohammed

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Programming made me a believer


When doing programming assignments and projects for my teachers, things got boring. I needed to make programming fun again. I decided to make a life imitating game. And oh boy, it was so hard to make things work right. So, I started observing the world. I was chocked to know the amount of stuff I had to deal with to make a good game. Our world is made in such a perfect way.

Our universe is a program:

When talking about materials and physical things that exists in this world. We will be talking about a sequence of atoms. Atoms are finite, but the creatures and species that were made with these atoms are uncountable. What’s more amazing is that everything was made in such a way that respects a lot of concepts: Gravity, Frictions, Heat, Pressure… And everything is holding on together in such a beautiful way. Everything in this universe is a program of atoms and energy, that’s why I can safely say that our universe is a Game. The main players are the humans. They can do as they like and interact with anything in this game. They can think as they want. Even so, this game doesn’t bug. Sure, the players should pay for their mistake when they do harm themselves or their environment. But, life still exist, and the game is still on.

The one who coded this game:

Now, to believe that this game came from nowhere and was randomly created is absurd. Someone must have though of everything and made every concept counts and came up with this game. This one is what we call God. But, why should we worship him and pray for him you say? Because he is worth worshiping. He knows everything about this universe. How it started, how it is going to end.

What has changed in me?

I used to believe in God without having the right proof, Because I used to hear about him since my childhood. Now I am a true believer and it is thanks to being a programmer. It is because of knowing how extremely hard it is to so make something perfect like the universe. That’s where I got my respect and my faith in God. And that’s why I think you should do the same.

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