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💡 (waking up)

I’ve been coding off and on since the early 90s on a Tandy Color Computer 2 my mom picked up at a yard sale. I’ve always closely followed instructions/tutorials on how to do this and that. But I think I wasn’t seeing the forest for the trees.

I’m really trying to dig in and figure out what I want to do. There are really so many avenues that it’s overwhelming at times.

I’ve just started working through the K&R C book. The end of section suggested exercises made a 💡 go off in my head. They have given me the tools to solve the exercise but haven’t told me exactly how to do it. I have to trust that I can solve this problem on my own. And that’s when it hit me. Programming is more about solving problems than coding. Some may say... duh. Well deserved. But I think this mind shift helps me put things into perspective.

I’ve been coding in my bedroom for the last couple years. I’ve committed to using some extra space that I have to making a small office type area with a desk and a whiteboard. Sketching ideas & algorithms on paper helps me visualize the problem and come up with strategies before I start coding. So I’m thinking a whiteboard will be a great asset for me.

I’m just wondering if any of you remember a “mind shift” in your programming journey that made you feel like you were progressing?

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