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Learning basic HTTP with netcat

Studying Python, C, Networking, and Security. Started a new blog site to organize and share the things I’m learning.
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This past week I’ve been using SSH to connect to an old computer that was given to me. I installed a copy of Arch Linux just because I thought it would be “fun”. I’m learning new things that are keeping me curious about Linux, networking, and programming. Starting out with a basic install had me learning about the boot process, systemd, and configuration. I’ve spent most of my free time learning to use the command line more effectively. I remain in awe of all the tools that are available to allow me the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of my machines. Sometimes I try to envision the minds of the people who have created this electronic revolution.

Thank you to everyone that supports open-source. Hopefully I can return the favor someday.

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When I first started just the amount of knowledge in man pages was mind boggling to me; when I switched to Linux it where the dark ages and the Windows clippy and awfully useless helpers where the main resource; then Linux showed up to me with every single command with its own manual, already available!, what awesome moment was that, and my only experience with a terminal was the DOS shell which is a toy next to Bash and the GNU tools; I fell in-love of the terminal right away.

I think that if you are using Arch, is your duty to inform everyone about it tho, you have that burden now. I use another distro so I'm free of that responsibility :D

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Slick3gz Author

Cult of Arch 🤣
I’ve dabbled with Slackware, Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, and a few others. I don’t know if it’s just the frame of mind I’m in that makes me want to dig into Arch and Linux in general but it seems really interesting right now. Could be the rabbit hole I’ve been looking for 😃

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cmon! Arch is not a cult!

Is just... well... and enthusiastic group of people... who may or may not hurt you, if you call them a cult...

I know what you mean, for me was the moment when you realize there is much more than what you thought and is much more accessible, is no magic but understandable; you can actually see the gears inside the black box it was a computer when using Windows; and to have access to all that freely and even more than that, you are invited to it, welcomed to it. Is pretty awesome, there is something magic about FOSS to me, is like it shouldn't work, makes no sense that it works, but it does. I would like to hear the thoughts of economists about it.

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