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Still working with WordPress and started learning a little PHP to go along. Dabbling with Genesis framework and it various plugins.

Iโ€™m really liking the flow of designing websites and having the ability to jump into the code if I need to. Havenโ€™t messed with Gutenberg yet, but it seems to be a โ€œhot buttonโ€ issue in the WordPress arena. I guess I havenโ€™t been under the hood of WordPress to really understand the benefits and disadvantages of Gutenberg.

Obviously, WordPress has sparked a little interest in PHP and there seems to be a lot of quality resources for learning the language.

To the woodshed.


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I would suggest NOT working with WordPress if you wanted to learn PHP.
WordPress is a bad choice for this goal.
OctoberCMS and others are a much better choice in terms of templating, PHP and overall code quality. They also have a community, themes, plugins etc.

Good luck anyway!


Thank you for the info. I also purchased a separate PHP course on Udemy by Edwin Diaz that teaches how to code your own CMS. I like WordPress but Iโ€™m also interested in learning other cms and PHP frameworks.


That's wise. In case you want to stick with WordPress I do recommend to read this blog carlalexander.ca/ and follow him everywhere.
This page carlalexander.ca/library/ is a gold mine for starters.