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re: Really interesting read! When I heard exercism was going to automate solutions, I didn't realize this is what they meant. I thought there was an "e...

C# has a different approach for two-fer and Ruby is going to try it out for another solution where they don't do AST interpretation like I do, but do AST matching:

  • parse the AST for a lot of solutions
  • strip the Identifier names and rename them to be consistent e.g. a, b, c or input_arg_1, body_constant_1 (so that two solutions that are identical except for the name use are now actually identical). This is normalisation
  • match the incoming, normalised AST of the solution to the set of known solutions, and have a fixed output.
  • periodically collect everything that is not matched and add these to the analyser.

I think that is an easier approach, but not necessarily a better one. Especially in JavaScript where you have so many ways to write the same thing (this each way creating a new set of permutations).

The way you broke everything down made it feel more approachable than I originally thought.

Feel free to contribute! 💘

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