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Free training during the quarantine, even in the EU.

Well, that escalated quickly, huh? Two months ago, I didn't know what a coronavirus was. Since then, it's gone through more name changes than the Microsoft certification program (well, maybe not that many) and we're canceling all our travel plans, restaurant reservations, and wondering why people think toilet paper gives them immunity.

Every business seems to be emailing me their COVID-19 action plan, so I figure I should give y'all one, too. Here's my action plan: give away training to give you something to do.

Fundamentals of Index Tuning:
This class assumes you've already been through my How to Think Like the Engine class, which has always been free. After conquering that one:
Indexing for the WHERE Clause
Indexing for ORDER BY
Indexing for JOINs
Clippy's Index Recommendations
Recap and Next Steps
After finishing that one, you're ready for:

Fundamentals of Query Tuning:
Went live today: Building a Query Plan
Goes live Tuesday: How to Find the Right Queries to Tune
Weds: How Parameters Influence Cached Plans
Thurs: Improving Cardinality Estimation Accuracy
Fri: Common T-SQL Anti-Patterns
Those videos will go away April 1, and if countries are still quarantined, I'll give away more fundamentals classes to keep amping up your skills. We're all in this together.

Stay safe and be well.

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