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Just another timer in svelte

Just another timer in svelte


I've just finished small project in svelte and decided to share it with you.

This is a simple timer where you can set several counters. It might be used as a pomodoro app or to set some deadlines.



You can write time in specific format to create or save new counter.


  • 5d 20m 10m 30s will be calculated as 5 days, 30 minutes and 30 seconds
  • 0.2d or simply .2d will be calculated as 4 hours and 48 minutes
  • 1d -10h will be calculated as 14 hours
  • -10s will be invalid, the minimum time is 1 second and maximum is 9999 days
  • 20/02/2025 will be calculated as time up to that date
  • -5h 20/02/2025 30m -4444s will be valid (time up to that date, minus 5 hours, plus 30 minutes, minus 4444 seconds)

You can also customize features and themes by settings.

This is my first small project using svelte and I would be grateful for feedback or star if you like it.

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I created some new features and removed few bugs.

new features:

  • create counter by hour, for instance 9:00 will be calculated as time up to this hour, you can choose 12h or 24h time format in settings
  • create counter with date and hour, just combine date and hour with underscore (date_time)
  • create blocked counter, which means it can't be pauzed and starts immediately, just use keyword b or block
  • each counter have got a finish time, so you can see when it gonna end if it runs or when it gonna end if you start it now (if it is pending or pauzed)
  • I wrote about it in more details in project readme and in about modal on app page

live version

Have a nice day everyone :)

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Nicely done!

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