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Discussion on: Can React state management get any simpler than this?

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Ski • Edited on

Don't think of an entity as a class that you need to "instantiate".

It's a very useful thought though - as every variable needs to instantiated with initial state. If it's class or not doesn't matter at all.

What I see here in your examples is completely no different of just using useState(). Thus I completely miss the point that you're trying to achieve.

const useCounterStore = () => {
  const [counter, setCounter]= useState()
  return { 
      increment(by) {
      reset() {

function SomeComponent() {
   const counterA = useCounterStore()
   const counterB = useCounterStore()
   const counterC = useCounterStore()
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Arnel Enero Author

Your example would not be "shared state", is it?