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Sky Hub Discord Server Now Live

sky_hub_uap_tracker profile image Skyhub UAP Tracker Information ・1 min read

We're excited to announce we're moving our chat to Discord for an improved chatting experience. Rocket.Chat has been good to us, but we've outgrown it in recent weeks.
Fully optimized for desktop and mobile devices, our new server with Discord will enhance your Sky Hub community experience. You can use it via web browser but the desktop/mobile apps offer the best experience. See all available channels without browsing for them, know when people are talking in any channel, high quality voice/video.. the benefits are numerous. And, priced right at free!
Discover who we are, what we do, and how you can join the international team of volunteers.

We will keep Rockt.Chat running for the time being while we transition but we expect to be primarily responding in Discord over the coming week or so.

Click the invite link below to join the server:

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