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Which is the Best Operating System for Programming among Linux , MacOS and Windows?

Hello programmers,this is Satyam.In today's blog we are going to discuss the importance of operating systems(different) for programming.First of all if you don't know what is an Operating System?Operating System is the basic interface between the user and the computer via GUI , which helps us to run different kinds of Application Software in the Computer.Now let us first talk about some popular operating systems in Brief,then we will be comparing them.Then Finally I will give you some points to use a particular operating system for a particular purpose.

Popular Operating Systems

As we know that Windows is the most popular operating system because it is very easy to use and work with.Windows was developed by Microsoft few decades ago.There were a lot of versions of windows we have seen with the passage of time from windows 95 to windows XP and from windows 7 to windows 10,now microsoft has officially said that they will not be releasing any other versions of Windows.Instead,they will work on Windows 10,to improve it.Microsoft gives two updates a year,one is security update and other is update of UI(User Interface).Windows is the operating system for all kinds of people from programmer to a office worker.

Linux is another group of Operating Systems,it is generally regarded as an Operating System for Hackers and Programmer,Kali Linux which is a Linux Distribution provides more than 100 tools for Hacking which are installed by default.Some other popular Linux Distros are Ubuntu and Linux Mint.Linux in comparison to windows is very difficult to work with.For a very simple task you need to work a lot,but for task such as Big Data Analysis or Basic Programming or Hacking,Linux is best but if you want to work quicker and easier you need to use Windows.

MacOS is the name of fame.People loves to use MacOS as it is branded as a Apple Product which is a great tech company and very recently it became the first technology company to pass 2 trillion dollars mark.MacOS is based on UNIX.Now what is this UNIX?UNIX are a group of Operating Systems which is very similar to Linux Operating Systems but they have a lot of differences also,we are going to discuss about the differences in this blog.


Now in this section we will compare Windows,Linux and MacOS(UNIX).First of all what are the properties by which you decide to use a particular operating system?According to me the first and foremost thing is that the interface should be easy to use and Windows and MacOS are better in this case against Linux.The second thing is that what is the purpose you are using the Operating System for,let us suppose you want to use an OS for programming,then windows will be my first choice but if you want to work in the of Big Data Analysis,Linux is Must,Windows can't replace it.For purposes like Video Editing,Android and IOS App Development and Graphic Designing,MacOS is the best Operating System.So from the above discussion,I think you have go the answer that on the basis of working,different operating systems will be used for different purposes.

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I like and love GnuLinux๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘โœŒ๏ธ

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Satyam Kumar Verman Author

I also bro but I use Windows generally