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Socially Valuable Open Source Dev?

skuddeliwoo profile image Andi ・1 min read

Hey fellas ✌️

Does anyone of you know a resource where I can find e.g. a list of open source projects which bring value to society?

I currently have some free time in which I want to contribute to socially valuable projects as a fullstack developer.

The projects should/could help for example people with disabilities, immigrants, children, or political activists. Anything that brings people value in their everyday lives, helps them organize or connect or similar.

If you know some projects of this sort, please comment below.

Thx ❤️


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Emerson Castaneda

Hi Andi, is a good open source index when you can search and refine results by different criteria as well as it provides links for similar projects what can be helpful a lot to address your a good place to contribute.

Casually today and tomorrow is the brigade Congress of Code for America I am pretty sure you can get good ideas.

Yesterday, they announced a WIP index in the session “ Project Index: Make your open source project visible“ under the name Civic Tech Index and here you have a link for the sources:

Finally, closer to you you have Informatici Senza Frontiere , here a link to the projects:

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Andi Author

Wow thanks, that's quite a lot of resources! I'll snoop around