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Remote Image Provider for ImageSharp

When integrating websites with third parties, you are often required to show images from third parties too.

I don't like not having control over these images, this being either their dimensions, their formats or simply just the availability.

Using Umbraco, I've become addicted to having the control I need over images. Being able to define crops, resize them, and deliver optimal imageformats (eg. WebP) to the end user.

This is easy with my own images. Umbraco comes with ImageSharp, a fantastic product that does all kinds of image magic, to help me with delivering just the right amount of image I need.

But getting images from third parties, I am left to use only what the third party provides. Not optimal.

So I've made a provider for ImageSharp, that can download images from certain URLs, and run them through the machinery to get me the control I need.

You can too - it's on NuGet as ImageSharpCommunity.Providers.Remote. It's simple to setup, configure and use, and lets you load external images like they are your own.

If you are using Umbraco, I've made it even easier to setup, by registering everything for you - you just need to configure it.

Get the Umbraco package from the Umbraco Marketplace.

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

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